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What is VPS?

VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server, is a reserved part of a server with its own installation of an operating system and services. It is an ideal solution for more demanding websites. In regular speak, it means that one physical server is divided into several virtual parts, which to a certain extent can have the performance of a physical server, also called a virtualization server. That type is usually very high performing and does not always necessarily involve only one server.

During virtualization, great emphasis is placed on preventing excessive strain on the virtual server and on ensuring that virtual servers do not affect each other. This can be achieved through proper selection of a tool for virtualization. A very suitable tool is KVM virtualization technology from Red Hat.

Virtual server technology

Each Virtual Server Lite from Coolhousing is based on the most modern virtualization technology, KVM, combining the advantages of traditional virtualization (e.g. VMWare ESX, VirtualBox) and para-virtualization (e.g. XEN, Hyper-V). It basically involves full virtualization only with para-virtualized drivers, and so it is possible for multiple operating systems for the x86 platform to run simultaneously without the virtualized system for emulation of access to hardware being slowed down.

Why select a virtual server?

Where web hosting is not enough, a virtual server becomes necessary. Each Virtual Server Lite is an excellent solution for those of you who already need higher parameters than enabled by regular web hosting or for those of you who plan to operate more demanding applications, which do not run well on web hosting. Our servers will offer you simple administration – you can adjust the server configuration yourselves with the help of the Controlpanel unique web interface, and full administrator access will even enable you to install your own operating system. Virtual Server Lite will bring you advantages similar to those that you have from dedicated servers, but it is much more affordable, and with it you will not have to worry at all about hardware.

Administration anytime anywhere

An advantage of our VPS is that you can fully control it from anywhere. You will not have to visit our data centre at all, and you can avoid unnecessary expenses for an administrator. The special web interface makes it possible to administer the server from anywhere any time. Besides overviews, you will have the option of remotely switching on, switching off or restarting the VPS and viewing the console of the server via a signed/certified Java Applet using the VNC client. With our prepared system built on the reliable CentOS Linux operating system, you can easily configure everything. The interface offers administration of Web, FTP, MySQL and PostgreSQL services. The image also includes components such as PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and others.

VPS Lite

Virtual Server Lite on Linux has benefits due to its wide range of applications, and you can use it like a traditional server. VPS even fulfils requirements for operation of HTTPS and cgi scripts and special requirements for server security and configuration. For each virtual server, you have full administrator access available. The terminal server is available online via a regular web browser or via a VNC client.

Server operation and administration

For the operation and administration of the server, it is necessary to have at least basic knowledge of OS administration.  The Virtual Server Lite does not include administrators' services, such as installation of necessary software or configuration and individual settings.

LiveCD - launching OS without installation

If you have problems with the virtual server, you can take the same approach as with a regular physical server - For example, the OS can be launched from a LiveCD, the VPS disk partition can be mounted, necessary adjustments can be made, and then the server can be booted regularly again. You can currently use these LiveCD images:

  • CentOS LiveCD 5.6 (x86_64)
  • CentOS LiveDVD 6.4 (x86_64)
  • Clonezilla 2.0.1-5 (x86_64)
  • Debian GNU/Linux LiveCD 5.0.7 (x86_64)
  • Debian GNU/Linux LiveCD 6.0.5 (x86_64)
  • Fedora LiveCD 14 (x86_64)
  • Fedora LiveCD 15 (x86_64)
  • Fedora LiveCD 16 (x86_64)
  • Fedora LiveCD 18 (x86_64)
  • Fedora LiveCD 19 (x86_64
  • GParted 0.14.1-6 (i486)
  • Gentoo LiveCD 20121013 (x86_64)
  • Parted Magic 2013_05_01 (x86_64)
  • SystemRescueCd 3.0.0 (i386/x86_64)
  • Ubuntu LiveCD 10.10 (x86_64)
  • Ubuntu LiveCD 11.04 (x86_64)
  • Ubuntu LiveCD 11.10 (x86_64)


Each Virtual Server Lite is automatically backed up via snapshots. If you discover any problem, you can easily return at any time to the previous state of the server and restore both data and settings. Automatic back-ups are a matter of course, but we also offer users our own back-ups. You can create user back-ups yourselves, for example before starting to adjust the settings of your virtual server, so that in the event of an error you can easily return to the original state.

Administrace virtuálního serveru VPS-Lite - Držíme 3 automatické a jednu uživatelskou zálohu Administrace virtuálního serveru VPS-Lite - Obnova ze zálohy jedním kliknutím

Server specifications

CPU capacity1× 1100 MHz
Reserved RAM512 MB
Hard disk size20 GB
Hard disk permeabilityapp 45 MB/s
Available OSLinux
Internet connection100 Mbps
Data transfersunlimited
Number of public IPv4 addresses1
Number of public IPv6 addresses/96

Why order from us?

  • administration via the special client interface Controlpanel
  • the newest technology Red Hat KVM virtualization
  • quality connectivity to the backbone network with IPv6 support
  • full administrator access via VNC (virtual screen) and SSH
  • the option of switching off, switching on, restarting and reinstalling the server with one press of a button
  • no problems with maintenance of server hardware
  • security and complete isolation of individual virtual servers
  • online graphs use of system resources
  • a large selection of open-source operating systems without GUI administration or pre-installed solutions with GUI administration

Virtual server performance

With para-virtualized drivers, VPS performance is comparable with the physical server. Thanks to the performing cluster above which the servers are operated, sufficient system resources are ensured, and the system has excellent response. Even when multiple virtual servers are running simultaneously on the same piece of hardware, their performance is not affected. Connectivity is traditionally shared with NIX even abroad with the help of a gigabit port. Each of our nodes of the virtualization cloud is connected with its reserved 2Gbps connectivity and is connected to two independent routers for ensuring maximum reliability and achieving non-stop availability of the service.

Reliability and speed

Each Virtual Server Lite is operated on the most modern technology in the Coolhousing data centre in central Prague. This ensures the ability to have multiple connections to the network, including connectivity back-ups. Reliable running of the cloud is also enabled by the high-performance industrial cooling system, which maintains a constant temperature and humidity. Even a power outage will not affect you, since the powering of the servers and network components is backed up via UPS and a diesel generator. Connectivity is ensured from two directions from two mutually independent providers.

Data downloading speed

If you would like to test the quality of connections between the VPS Lite virtual server and your PC, you can easily ping or tracert the address or test the downloading speed for data from that server by clicking on one of the icons below. This will begin downloading of a file of the particular size.

Stahování souboru o velikosti 100MB Stahování souboru o velikosti 512MB Stahování souboru o velikosti 1GB

Own server installation

On the virtual server, you have the option of installing a regular operating system to which you are accustomed, just as if it were on a physical server. This will give you full control over your server, like on a dedicated server, but with all of the advantages of a virtual server. The installation itself is performed in the client web interface by selecting the installation media, which is launched thanks to the virtualized mechanics, and eventually a traditional installation is launched, to which you will have full access via a VNC console.

Other software

The Virtual Server Lite does not contain any other software (e.g. WWW server, PHP, databases, etc.). It only involves a basic OS installation. Installation and configuration of any other software and services is in your hands, meaning in the customer's hands. Various OS distributions are available.

VPS advantages

  • functionality similar to dedicated servers, but operation is much less expensive
  • zero acquisition costs
  • no problems with hardware servicing
  • the option of access to a physical console on the server remotely via a web browser or VNC client
  • access to a virtual server via SSH
  • restart of the server at any time by a single click in our server web administration
  • the option of saving the complete state of the server at any time while running
  • high performance
  • reliability thanks to top quality Red Hat KVM virtualization technology
  • option of increasing performance


Operation of torrents and IRC on the VPS is prohibited. Any breach of this rule will result in termination of service without any replacement!


Virtual Server Lite € 1,90 / month